This Projects list (arranged alphabetically) comprises of all projects supported by Vibha since 2003. Some organisation names are in duplicate as we have supported different projects under the same organisation.

Organisation / Project Name Project Summary Status
21 Jan Madhyam-EORTTEC, Jan Madhyam Rehabilitation within the community adopting an equal opportunity approach. Ongoing
22 MyNewRedShoes - BayArea Local Project, MyNewRedShoes Providing new clothing and shoes to children in Menlo Park, BayArea Ongoing
23 Prayas-Education and Training Program for Deprived Mentally Challenged Children, Prayas Amargarh Integrated School Project Ongoing
24 Rachana-Integrated Development Initiative for Rural Children, Rachana Society for Social Reconstruction Integrated Development Initiative for Rural Children Ongoing
25 RDO-Educational programme for deprived and destitute rural children, Rural Development Organsiation (RDO) Establishing and conduction of a pre-primary educational center. Ongoing
26 RMKM-Community based rehabilitation for Mentally Challenged Children, Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal Community based rehabilitation programme Ongoing
27 Saath - Child Friendly Spaces, Saath to be filled Ongoing
28 Samavesh - Creating an Urban Base for Education Quality (CUBEQ), Samavesh Society for Development and Governance to be completed Ongoing
29 Sikshana, Sivasri Charitable Trust (Sikshana) Sustainable and Replicable Model for the Public Education System Ongoing
30 SKB-Child Welfare Project, Sarada Kalyan Bhandar Child Welfare Project Ongoing