Project Location Mumbai
Project Strategy To habilitate hearing-impaired children and integrate them into mainstream schools. Vibha sponsors a component of the Early Detection program in AURED. AURED uses Auditory Verbal Approach (AVA) that focuses on the child’s residual hearing, if any, to enable him/her to communicate effectively.
Organization The AURED Charitable Trust
Project Coordinator Shrikant Patel
Organization Website
Project Status Ongoing
Vibha Funded Component Mainly salaries of coordinator, administrator and audiologists, cochlear implant and hearing aid accessories, nutrition for children and teaching aids.
Vibha Funding $56917 (May 2006 - April 2010)
Beneficiary Age Children 3-18 yrs
Beneficiary Socio-economic Background Hearing impaired children. 80% of the children are from families below poverty line.
Beneficiaries 526 children
Cost per Beneficiary $108.20
Address Bungalow No 9, Garden Homes,
1st Road, Khar West,
Mumbai, 400 052
Project Liaison Contact Vibha Project Lead

The Problem:

Due to lack of early intervention, children with hearing impairments face lot of hurdles in getting mainstreamed to become valuable contributing members of the society. Most affected are the children from lower income groups, who cannot afford quality hearing aids and associated therapy.

The Opportunity:

95% of hearing impaired children have residual hearing and with early intervention and AVA, can learn to ‘listen and speak to become integrated contributing members of society.

The Solution:

AURED was started in 1986 in Mumbai by Ms. Aziza Tyabji. AURED is mainly involved in the habilitation of children with hearing impairment, through therapy sessions involving the AVA (approach). This broadly involves the following steps:
a. Evaluation of each child to confirm and determine the extent of hearing loss, assess residual hearing and parental counseling.
b. Fitting of hearing aids or cochlear implants based on extensive scientific testing along with resident as well as visiting professionals.
c. Devising and carrying out a tailor made therapy plan for the child, which would involve the parents as well as the child.
d. In certain cases and after necessary audiological assessments, the child is recommended for cochlear implant. AURED uses the same Auditory Verbal Approach to work with the recipients of the implant to communicate effectively with these implants.

Hearing aids and associated treatment are provided at subsidized or no cost to children coming from low income background. AURED also participates and organizes in regular trainings and workshops in different institutes over the county.

Vibha Involvement:

Vibha funds a component of the Early Intervention program in AURED Mumbai.

Project Progress:

The program has grown from 6 children to 526 children since its inception. AURED now has centers in Delhi, Hyderabad and a satellite center in Kenya.
- Beneficiaries come from 64 different cities and 13 neighboring countries.
- Uses advanced technology and latest equipments.
- Ability to continuously upgrade the skills of the staff.
- Ability to notice and take care of minute need of the children.