Project Location (E) Durgapur
Project Strategy Provide education for slum children and to provide coaching and support for children in mainstream schools.
Organization Swami Vivekananda Vani Prachar Samity
Project Status Completed
Vibha Funded Component Vibha provides approximately 50% support for the teacher’s salaries, education material, school uniforms and tiffin.
Vibha Funding 10638 October’09-September’10
Beneficiary Age Children 3-14 yrs
Beneficiary Socio-economic Background Children from the slum areas around Durgapur
Beneficiaries 350 children
Cost per Beneficiary $30.40
Address 6, Vidyasagar Avenue, Durgapur
Burdwan Dist, 713205
West Bengal
Project Liaison Contact Vibha Project Lead

The Problem:

Children in the slums around the Durgapur Steel plant were not getting any education or support.

The Opportunity :

The Swami Vivekananda Vani Prachar Samity (SVVPS) was set up in 1984 by a small group of employess of the Durgapur Steel Plant in Durgapur West Bengal. They started work in slum improvement projects which included construction of tube-wells, low cost hut building, smokeless gas stoves, toilet facilities, educational centers and vocational training to slum women.

The Solution:

The project evolved into education centers for children from slums around that area.

Vibha Involvement:

Vibha has been funding the project since 2005. Based on the budget, we have been providing approximately 50% support for all their programs.

Project Progress:

• Some of the teachers have received Swanirvar training, which has improved the quality of teaching.
• Some of the children were motivated to stay in SVVPS rather than joining the government school.
• The parents in the community have become involved and provide support to the school.
• One of the concerns is the high dependence on Durgapur steel plant. Another one is their ability to work with government.