Project Location (S) Bengaluru
Organization Shristi Special Academy - Chiguru
Organization Website
Project Status Completed
Beneficiaries 25 children
Address MIG71
V Main, I Cross
KHB Colony II Stage,Basaveswarnagar,
Bangalore, 560079
Project Liaison Contact Vibha Project Lead

Chiguru provides a high quality preschool program for rural children. The idea is to provide them the same early learning experiences that a child from an urban or well-off family would get. The intention is also to screen them for developmental disabilities early and provide remediation if necessary, so that main-streaming to regular schools later would be easy. The inclusive model ensures that the disabled and typical children learn from each other. The curriculum, defined by UNICEF, builds language, cognitive, socio-emotional and physical motor skills. Integral to the curriculum is teaching the children good health and hygiene practices. The children are in school 9 AM to 2 PM and are provided transportation to the school from the villages, as well as breakfast and lunch. The meals address nutritional deficiencies the children face at home.