CORP India-Vidya Sagar Vikas Kendra

Project Location (W) Thane
Organization Community Outreach Programme (CORP INDIA)
Organization Website
Project Status Ongoing
Vibha Funding Rs. 988,680.00
Beneficiaries 316 children
Address Methodist Center,
21 Y.M.C.A Road,
Mumbai Central
Mumbai, 400008
Project Liaison Contact Vibha Project Lead

The project is located in Thana and aims to help the children of Commercial sex workers and physically and mentally challenged children neglected by their families and therefore exposed to several risks. The project targets children in the age group of 3 to 14s years of age along with their the families with an aim to giving the children the joys of childhood which has been crushed. As of now, Corpindia has just begun their intervention in life of this new target group and found their response very cooperative for all possible rehabilitation ideas Corpindia could think and shared with them. Corpindia is very well aware of the ground reality that unless the alternative income generation source is not provided it is not possible to convince these women to get mainstreamed in the society as their children are born out of wed-lock and there are no male members in the families. So, to build rapport of faith and trust, the children of these CSWs will be involved in educational and other regular activities to keep them away from all risks. In addition to an after school education programme, a night shelter will be established as a safe haven for the children of sex workers. Corpindia plans to have the night shelter run from 7 pm to 7 am where the 50 identified children will have dinner, undertake educational and recreational activities and then sleep under the care of an appointed house mother.